Good Reasons Why Plagiarism is Unacceptable Academic Practice

If you ever read your student handbook or school’s code of ethics, you would come across a section on plagiarism and the need to ensure good academic practices. A couple of teachers would have cautioned about plagiarism and encouraged a need to ensure academic integrity. In all these, you can be sure about one thing, plagiarism is considered a serious offence by academic institutions.

Plagiarism is a practice of taking an author’s ideas and presenting them to your readers as if you originated those ideas. When you use a person’s work or other forms of content without duly acknowledging them results in plagiarism. Anytime people have much work and need to do assignments, they are likely to plagiarize. In some cases, writers copy others’ works which could be a song to easily build their careers to success. Some students think the penalties of plagiarism, including academic institutions revoking offender’s certificate, are too harsh. Instead, plagiarism is a dishonest academic practice that must be discouraged due to some factors.

Essentially, plagiarism does not bring about

Apart from the dishonesty in copying other writers’ content, plagiarism has a significant effect on students’ performance. It does not also enhance independent research which is good for generating technology. This problem becomes common when those who do not plagiarize see most of their colleagues who plagiarize score higher marks than them. Those who plagiarize would be seen as completing their assignments easily and quickly with higher scores. When they do not commit to honesty in doing research, the reason why academic institutions were set up will be destroyed. Plagiarism does not consider commitment but fails to promote various educational systems.

Essentially, plagiarism does not bring about fairness and justice since some consumers just copy software or music files online. This leads to plagiarism as it refers to an act of stealing people’s ideas and as a result undermines creativity. It violates an originator's right to have control over their creation.

Usually, plagiarism does not only damage

The idea of plagiarism is simply stealing a writer’s ideas which should be discouraged just like stealing physical property. This can affect academic institutions and their efforts at developing ideas. When students fail to do assignments by themselves, and they end up plagiarizing other people’s works, it does not allow teachers to know if they have understood what they have been taught. The teacher finds it impossible to give a good assessment of their knowledge. Where such assessment is even possible, it is not worth doing since such assignments submitted are not those students’ works. In this case, they do not take advantage of learning opportunities that come with completing works including developing their thoughts especially in writing. This is not cheating the system but denying themselves of good education.

Usually, plagiarism does not only damage integrity of a student but that of universities for instance of which such a student is. The schools’ ranking goes down as they fail to get good applicants. Schools could also fail to get financial assistance from individuals together with companies. Plagiarism further lead to waste of instructors' time as they have to check for it instead of concentrating teaching and helping students together with assessing them. Along with this, good learning experiences are therefore missed due to their plagiarizing behavior. School administrators have to spend much of their time on investigating and penalizing them for plagiarizing rather than organizing useful programs for students to help them develop their careers.

Good Reasons Why Plagiarism is Unacceptable Academic Practice

It is cheating to unfairly earn qualifications such as certificates since the knowledge does not merit it. This reduces the worth of qualifications which makes it difficult for companies in employing graduates who have real talents to assist them achieve their goals.

An author’s words might be impressive, and you just want to have them in your assignment, go ahead, but do appropriate citation of the originator. You can develop good writing skills to ensure completion of assignments all by yourself. Since plagiarism can damage an individual’s integrity as a student or professional, it is not worth taking that risk. Always plan writing task, get enough time to read previous works and understand them to write in your own words whiles citing sources of information. Other good ways to minimize plagiarism are paraphrasing other's content and using quotation marks in your write-up.

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