How Does a Plagiarism Checker Work

Plagiarism checkers have greatly reduced the rate of spin content, the practice has affected writers and authors mostly. It was indeed a difficult and challenging issue to write or public a document without ever reaping its benefits. This has been caused primarily by the activities of plagiarists while trying to pirate and spun contents belonging to other writers. In most instances, people have never accepted to spin content intentionally; some have always claimed it was a mistake never intended. To avoid such mistakes for those who didn’t mean to plagiarize, checkers have been designed to help them verify their work before submission. There are different kinds of plagiarism tools some are free while others you have to pay to access them.

Most users prefer going to free plagiarism checkers because they want to avoid the cost. Free tools may some times have limitations because they may not be as advanced as others which attracts a cost. Depending on the nature of your work, you can decide which type to use. Often it is advisable to go for software that is more advanced no matter the cost.

After analyzing, the work was rated

It would have a case of dismissal for young university graduates for submitting plagiarized content. According to the university, standard students were not expected to exceed a limit of 15% for any plagiarism including citation and references. This student did a great job in terms of research to produce original content. It wasn't the student's fault anyway but, for the fact she decided to go for a plagiarism tool that offers free services.

After analyzing, the work was rated as 17% plagiarized which was 3% below the school’s limit. The student after completing this work uploaded into a checker to help analyze the work. She had written more than 550-pages. Unfortunately, the software was built to take not more than 500 words for effective analysis. That means even though all the work uploaded, the checker had a word limit beyond the users was required to pay a fee of $5 for each additional 50 words.

How Does Plagiarism Checker Works

The student wasn’t keen enough to read the instructions carefully before uploading it to be checked. When the work was submitted, the last part of it that wasn’t checked indicated it was heavily plagiarized. Although the former checker had indicated 17%, the last part of the work made it score above 20. The work was rejected and the student couldn’t graduate alongside her friends.

Checkers are designed to help access plagiarism contents within any text, it is important to go for advanced checkers like Grammarly, Turnitin, Ephorus. There may be expensive to use but, they can offer you accurate work. To do is upload your content, you can decide to purchase the software by paying for a required subscription plan. Some have a duration which is expected to expire, always ensure to reactive your plan after expiration because using outdated software may never give you accurate results. That is was the case with the student using a checker with limited features, Turnitin has no word limit, it can access more than 5000 words in a few minutes. You can also download the software into your system, to use both offline and online to give you an accurate performance.

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