How often teachers encounter plagiarism

Students can plagiarize for many reasons from laziness to lack of understanding the essence of citation. Teachers encounter plagiarism often because it is a common practice among learners, and that is why they must design ways for checking out plagiarism. Reasons why a student can plagiarize is out of laziness especially if the assignment needs them to do thorough research. There are those who are good at creativity or creating original essays, but twisting information from the website to come up with plagiarism free content is hard. Another cause of plagiarism is panic where they plagiarize intentionally. This results out of managing time poorly, and a student will be under pressure to complete their assignments on time.

Lack of confidence is another reason

Lack of confidence is another reason why a student will cheat since they trust the author of the content more than their ideas. A learner may not be familiar with some topics given, and putting the phrases in to their writing feels awkward to them. Learners have a reasoning that the best thing is using what the experts have given. They will not use their experience even in questions that need them to give their own view. This is because they think what makes a perfect assignment is following the ideas of pros, and when they use them, they do not take time to give citations. Presenting their ideas can also make a student cheat since that tends to be hard. They will have difficulty writing their opinions in away that the reader understands, and they think the best option is using what others have presented.

Some students will reason that they

Some students will reason that they do not cite because the ideas on the internet matches theirs. To some professionals, not citing is usually a sign of plagiarism and that explains why they emphasize so much on providing sources of information. Being sloppy too makes students plagiarize their work because they will remember what they read vividly even after a while, but recalling where they got their information is hard. Students do not understand that references offered at the end of paragraphs or after concluding their work is not enough. That shows that most of them have no clear understanding of which information needs citation.

How often teachers encounter plagiarism

As a teacher, you will encounter plagiarism even several times a day. This is especially in schools that use computer-based learning like universities and colleges. In universities, people will be given assignments on proposals and research papers, and because they have phones and laptops to access the internet, they are tempted to take ideas directly from the website. It is not a big deal to learners to plagiarize even that which asks for their opinion since they have the resources at their disposal. Some will even present papers with a hundred percent plagiarism. They will just scan PDF and docs from the internet considering the fact that most of them do not want to get tired compiling information from several sources. Plagiarism is a major problem among learners, and that is the reason why they achieve poor grades.

The wish of any teacher is that they do not encounter plagiarism in assignments they give to students. Through that, they will know their learners have the skills they are supposed to. Majority will try to cheat and get away with it, but teachers will not allow that. Spotting answers copied directly from a source is easy and that is what sells out most to their tutors. Sentence structures and vocabularies are usually a way of checking plagiarism, since sentence structures should not be the same as the research source. Assignments to do with research are the most plagiarized especially those that are Scientific. Different countries, however, have different laws on plagiarism which can vary from one country to another.

In most cases, teachers of literature will not encounter many cases of plagiarism like the Science teachers. Most plagiarism cases in Literature are those that are noticeable during random checks. They can appear when a pupil will write an essay different from what they write in class or from their previous assignments. Science is all about facts and truths, and when given a research assignment, you can only present your findings and nothing else. Presenting results that contrast the procedure of the experimental question is illustration that you have taken an idea that another person presented.

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