Plagiarism and Facts

The act of writing is really an all-important skill in this present time that we can hardly do without. Since the invention of this great skill, it has been more than vital in the growth of human society. It can even be termed as one of the most crucial milestones in human evolution as an organism. Writing has again evolved from simply being a tool for documentation to a complexly diversified skill. In this present time, writing serves as a means of educating, entertaining, reporting, news broadcasting and so many other activities. The writer's universe has widened greatly including almost everything and anything.

As a man is valued for the weight of his words, that is how writers are also valued by the quality of their writings. This writing occupation is one of high prestige, where the value of quality writings is highly admired. The foulest of taboos in the writing world that a writer can commit is the one termed plagiarism. So, what exactly is plagiarism and why is it much detested in this world? Well, you get your answer in the next lines. According to Wikipedia; "Plagiarism is the representation of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as your own original work". In other words, it means an underhand act of stealing another person's- usually a writer, intellectual property.

Given the definition of plagiarism which

Plagiarism is a huge problem for writers since you can never know when the work you stressed on and shared with the world is being claimed by another. The evolution of science and technology which gave rise to the creation of the internet; a platform that allows its user an almost unchecked access to myriads of data made things worse. This information includes multiple written properties, that made it a whole lot easier to commit the highly frowned upon behavior; plagiarism. Although plagiarism is like a forbidden fruit to a writer, in truth, there are some types of plagiarism a writer can not avoid. Fact quoting is usually once written statements that may appear in one or more parts of a newly built writeup.

Given the definition of plagiarism which fits all forms of regurgitation of ideas used not belonging to the user. You can as well say fact quoting falls under plagiarism. Well, it is not unethical to quote previous works of people you may have admired or whose work is connected to what you are working on. However, going with plagiarism definition facts quoting is also plagiarism. It is not a surprise that the majority, if not all, online AI plagiarism checkers will flag quoted facts on your article or any other form of writeup as a plagiarized statement. This is a big problem for writers because majority of people, even big companies and educational institutions utilize these online AI services to gauge the plagiarism presence in a work.

Plagiarism and Facts

On a normal ground, it is really not unethical to mention a fact in your work. In as much as you state the name of the creator of this intellectual property. It is even applaudable to use accepted facts from previous times to justify your work, it shows the writer is well-read. But this online artificial intelligence, even with their laudable accuracy and efficiency, lacks the human capacity to judge good plagiarism from a bad one. This, still, doesn't make their results useless, different bodies have a certain acceptable threshold for plagiarism. The most popularly used landmark is 20%, that is, 80% of your work must be originally yours.

This beautiful development allows for the freedom to use previously stated facts, definitions, and even proverbs in your work.

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