Reasons Why Plagiarism Is Discouraged

The main reason plagiarism is discouraged is that it is a form of cheating. A student takes the work of another person and submits it as their own. This is cheating as you have not worked hard for the particular work that you are delivering. Your fellow students will work tirelessly so that they can get an opportunity yet you do not put in any effort yet you will still expect to be considered to get the same chance. It is considered as an unethical practice and shows how much you do not value the work of others. As a writer, you should respect the effort and work of others. Getting credit for work that you have not worked for is cheating.

Plagiarism is a vice that affects

Plagiarism is a vice that affects your level of creativity and innovation. When you plagiarize an already existing piece of work, you will not have the chance to think creatively analyze and criticize a particular topic. You will not think critically and heavily rely on material that is already available. When you will be required to give your own opinion, you will not have anything in your mind since you depend on other people’s knowledge. A plagiarist is unable of coming up with new ideas as copying what others have worked for is not an intellectual effort. You will not broaden your thinking but only rely on the ideas of others.

When you keep on using already

When you keep on using already existing content, then you will not be able to develop your writing skills. For a professional writer, when your employer will realize that the skills that you have do not actually reflect on your work, you will lose it and have your reputation damaged. When you present an impressive work that you have plagiarized, it will definitely impress those that gave you the task. The problem comes when you are required to maintain the high standards when actually you are not at that level yet. Plagiarism is unacceptable so that writers are encouraged to think and write their own work hence developing their writing skills.

Reasons Why Plagiarism Is Discouraged

It is discouraged since it is a form of fraud as qualifications that are earned through plagiarising are fraudulent. This is because when you earn a degree by plagiarizing, then it means that you will be given a qualification that does not match the actual expertise and knowledge that you have. It will be considered as a form of fraud because you will get the acknowledgement for work that does not belong to you. When you will be required to deliver a piece that matches your level of skills, you will find it hard to reach the high standards.

This breaches the integrity of academics since every assignment is supposed to show the progress that you have made as a student. Work that was plagiarized does not show the level of knowledge that you have, or what you have learned. It therefore makes it impossible to evaluate yourself because what you present is not your work. You will be unable to measure that you have made in your academic career.

In academics, it is ethical for the original authors of a particular piece to receive all the credit for creating that content. Academics receive funding, positions, opportunities and awards depending on their academic work. It will be unethical for all these rewards to go to the wrong person instead of the rightful owner of the particular content. Plagiarism is therefore discouraged so that only the right people are commended for their great work. Only a person who has worked hard for a particular piece of article should enjoy the benefits that come with it.

The writing industry requires innovative and inventive minds for it to grow. Plagiarism lead to redundant publications which do not help develop this industry. There will be lack of new ideas and information because writers chose to reuse content that is already available instead of thinking of new opinions. When this industry does not have innovative minds, then writing will be an art that is degrading as time goes by because the writers will not sharpen their skills. A piece of writing that will be reused over and over again will lose its value and eventually rendered useless. This will negatively affect the publication industry and eventually lead to lack of enough materials for reference.

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