Reasons why Some Students Cheat During Tests And Exams

Cheating is a practice that is common with most students, especially during examination periods. There several factors that can contribute to fraud during exams. One of the major issues most students faced is examination pressure particularly for those with little preparation. Lack of self-confidence can some times lead to this habit but, among the many factors associated with this behavior is inadequate preparation. Several factors often contribute to the dismissal of most students during exams. One of such factors is fraud; this is a practice of taking along unauthorized materials during examination sessions. Some students can write on their palms, labs, pieces of paper, and even mobile phones.

One of the major reasons some

One of the major reasons some do cheat is lack of adequate preparation. Most individuals usually don't spend time studying or preparing for upcoming exams. They will rather spend time watching films, go clubbing, or engage in other forms of leisure. While others are busy studying, they spend their time relaxing with movies and catching fun. Few days left to seat for the exam, they are still not prepared. The lack of preparedness usually comes along with tension and pressure that live them with no choice but, to consider cheating as the only option.

Another possible reason some cheat is

Another possible reason some cheat is caused by pressure from parents. Some parents have a habit of threatening children when exams are approaching. They give them the impression that makes them feel if they fail, they will be severely punished. This further creates a sense of cheating that may inspire them to cheat. They may not be prepared for the exam but, based on the level of thread from home he will be tempted to cheat. A situation like this may inspire them to get into the exam hall with prepared materials. To avoid this situation the child should be motivated or encouraged than threatened.

Reasons why Some Students Cheat During Tests And Exams

The desire to have good results or grades to impress their father can also influence cheating. Some people usually make some promises like buying their children some expensive gifts. Gifts can some times cause a negative influence on the child. He is under pressure to get the parents impressed, so they can get the gift promised. Others may try to compete with brilliant friends who usually score good grades. But, instead of working hard to get good results they rather want to cheat, this may cause them to be expelled from the school.

Other kinds of stuff can be used to motivate children to study hard not necessarily promising expensive gifts that may influence them negatively. Fear of failure is another cause for cheating; this is common with most students who get severely punished by their instructors or parents. When a child gets capital punishment for failing an exam, he will do everything possible not to fail again. He may want to cheat to escape the punishment that is waiting for him at home if he fails the exam. Punishment is not necessarily the best tool to get a child to work harder or get good grades.

Poor time management is another crucial factor that can hinder performance and encourage this habit. Some parents can be held accountable when it comes to time management. They allow their kids to spend more time watching movies and keeping late nights. When this happens, the kids will spend more time playing and having fun than reading. Poor time usage can put pressure on your kid, when exams are closed they will more work to do and less time to study. To avoid this issue, the child should be encouraged to study ahead of time to avoid struggling with lots of stuff to read when the exams are already too closed.

Finally, some students think they can cheat without being caught during exams. This belief has led to the suspension or dismissal of many students, examination malpractice is a serious offense. Some have succeeded in the act but, the majority of those that get into the exam hall with extra material ends up getting caught. Most exam centers have hidden cameras aside from the invigilator, most students are usually not aware of the hidden cameras, so they feel they can cheat without being caught. To avoid being expelled take time to study and prepare for your exams, cheating can be disgraceful when you are caught apart from the punishment.

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