The Consequences of Plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to the act of taking another author’s work with or without their permission and presenting it as your own without giving credit to the original owner of the work used. This may be in various forms of work, such as electronic, a manuscript which has not been published or even published material. It is theft of another person’s idea and different people do it for varying reasons. This act of using other people’s creations is extremely wrong and has various consequences. Below are some impacts brought about by this act.

In colleges and universities, one of

In colleges and universities, one of the most serious repercussions of using other people’s work happens when a student is caught. If the proper tests are run they may end up losing their places in the schools. This could affect the student negatively and even end up costing them their future. Many such cases are heard every semester in the tertiary institutions, and they lead to the expulsion of learners. It should be noted that once expelled from one institution of higher learning, it becomes relatively difficult to convince other schools to recruit you since your reputation will already have been tainted.

Supposing a student is lucky enough

Supposing a student is lucky enough to escape the plagiarism checks and gets away with this, what happens next? Let's assume they go all the way and attain a degree through this deceptive manner. Imagine a doctor who has managed to get away with this act all along and is finally deployed to a hospital. Should they be faced with challenging circumstances in their field, the medic will not be able to dispense the required services. This may lead to loss of lives in critical situations with the main cause being that the doctor did not attain their qualifications in a fair and competitive manner.

The Consequences of Plagiarism

Other than that, when unsatisfactory certificates are issued by schools, it may lead to the ruining of an institution’s reputation. That can have bad effects later on because people will carry a negative view of it and will not want to study there. Other students who are already enrolled in the same school and have attained their certificates genuinely may also be affected. This is because employers will be reluctant to give them a job, due to doubts over their qualifications. Why waste another person’s efforts by limiting their employment chances? Why not just decide to be committed and make your unique stuff?

Furthermore, there is a larger implication of plagiarism and this is its effect to the economy. Sooner or later, after degrees of little value are all over, the economy of a country will start to feel the heat. This is mainly because graduates will lack the competitiveness required to boost the economy and the nation will end up largely depending on older people. It should be remembered that a strong economy is that which is driven by younger people due to their ability to stay alert. Areas that call for quick and smart thinking may be affected and this will slow down economic growth in the long run.

A result of slow economic growth is that the government and other large investors will be doubtful of their citizens’ abilities to tackle big problems. This is why many nations usually end up employing foreigners from countries with strict and quality education systems. The resulting benefits such as financial rewards all end up in the pockets of foreign people while the citizens suffer from lack of jobs and poverty. This means that quite a number of pupils will be spending a lot of years learning and trying to invest in their future, but they end up disappointed after completing their studies..

Before engaging in plagiarism therefore, you should ask yourself whether it is worth it. Would you risk losing all those years spent in school just because you cannot be creative enough to come up with your own original work? What about the long-term effects such as impacting the reputation of your university? Plagiarism is illegal and immoral because it promotes laziness and incompetence. It disregards all the hard work that someone else has put into doing something. Everyone can be creative in their desired way, and we should strive to be unique and original in our work.

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