What is plagiarism and why it matters

Plagiarism is using ideas that belong to another person without their permission, and the one taking does not approve is not theirs. There are various types of plagiarism according to how the content has been taken or how the writer has presented their work. Cloning is completely copying or duplicating from a source then claiming it is yours. You can know it when a student presents work that is different from what the work they do. Copy and pasting implies when a student takes important parts without giving citations or references. Finding and replacing is when keywords are changed, but the important content is retained.

Another is remix and it is

Another is remix and it is when a student takes content from several sources, and does not offer proper citation. Recycling is using previous work from the source author without offering acknowledgement of the source. There are reasons why plagiarism is a big deal, and why it is considered wrong, and mostly plagiarism has to do with academic work as that is where they apply. The first reason as to why plagiarism matters is because unique work is essential is because plagiarism is marked on and plagiarized work is rejected. Doing research in academics is with intention of providing information on the unknown.

Academic writing does not expect you

Academic writing does not expect you as a student to make discover things, but original work really counts. You can make your work original by citing the sources you use for research, and not only giving points and arguments. Presenting your ideas in a uniquely, and not just copying structure and pattern of the source. Coming up with your examples based on your experience helps, and not only taking those of the author. Plagiarism matters because questioning sources is expected, and it is not a sign of disrespect. Copying from another person and taking their ideas is considered wrong, and should be acknowledged through citations. Taking another person's ideas does not necessarily mean respect especially when you do not acknowledge them.

What is plagiarism and why it matters

Analyzing your work well is important even if it can be tiresome. That is because it needs you to research ideas from a variety of sources, analyze them and conclude in a unique way. When doing this, you have to ask yourself questions about the text even if you are taking information from an expert. By citing sources and coming up with a plagiarism free piece of work, it shows that you took your time to consider what others have to say when doing your work. Plagiarism is dishonesty, and it decreases the value of another person's hard work. There are those who cheat and get away with it. That is illustration that not all graduates with similar grades, and did the same work have similar skills.

Presenting work that is not original matters since that can damage the reputation for it shows students do not possess the skills they should. Plagiarism has an effect on the academic career reputation, and profession due to lack of knowledge of citation. Students who plagiarize their work always have reasons to do so, and that may be intentionally or unintentionally. They can plagiarize their work when they are pressured by time management or have no attention to academic integrity and achieving good grades. Some schools do not teach and enforce the policy of plagiarism, and that makes students not to pay attention to effects of plagiarism.

Unintentional plagiarism occurs when a student does not have a good understanding of internet citing or lacks good knowledge concerning issues on plagiarism. If students do not learn citation and practice academic integrity by submitting only what is original, they risk their skills. Plagiarism should be taken seriously not only at university and college levels, but also in secondary schools. That makes them have a clear understanding of how to avoid plagiarizing assignments, and even know how risky dishonesty can be. Teachers can do help their students by giving them a warning after first instance of plagiarism. They can award no marks to those whose assignments are plagiarized.

Students must understand that they should take plagiarism seriously. That is offense that can even cost them their education since some colleges can suspend you for that. Teachers must therefore give all their time to teaching all how to avoid plagiarism. The knowledge is of great benefit and gives them an advantage of avoiding what may result even in the future.

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