Why plagiarism is considered incompatible with the academic integrity

Are you in high school or college? Then you have probably heard your lecturer warning you about plagiarism several times. Well, this is a rule that is in every student's mind, notebook, and even course syllabi. No matter the course you are studying or the high school, university, or the college you are in, one thing is clear to all students. It is wrong to take someone else's work and submit them as yours. And violating such acts can lead to massive consequences such as being expelled from the institution or deeply affecting your GPA score.

When a student steals someone else's work, either from the internet or from his classmate, without proper citation or permission, the act is known as plagiarism. There are two common forms through which a student may plagiarize. First, a student may decide to copy and paste the document from the internet and submit it as their own. Or the paper that the student may spend sleepless nights working on may look similar to that of the web or classmate. Although the second form is rare, we can't ignore that it is possible to occur.

Another reason why plagiarism is considered

Plagiarism is unethical and is considered incompatible with academic integrity because of some reasons: First, it is a form of cheating. Let me ask you a simple question. How would you feel if someone else used your work to get credit? If you spent hours of your time and money working on a project and you come with original and creative work, and someone else snatches it from you, it will hurt your feelings. That's why legal and ethical rights protect the owner's idea either for personal and financial gain. And stealing someone's work and claiming to be yours in course assignments is no different.

Another reason why plagiarism is considered unethical is because of disrespecting classmates. Imagine submitting an assignment that is plagiarized to get the credit for the work that is not yours while classmates spent hours of their time and effort creating original work. And when the lecture decides to grade the assignments based on the quality of plagiarized work, the grade of your classmates gets affected. In another case, if you steal your friend's project and submit it without permission, you may involve your friend at significant risk to the point of being investigated. Also, your friend can be suspected to have copied from you- as the lecturer is not aware who came up with the original work.

Qualifications obtained from cheating are fraudulent

Personal integrity, most colleges, and universities expect students to submit creative and unique pieces of work. When you provide copied work, it becomes unethical and circumvention of the educational objectives. The point of giving you assignments, according to most colleges, is to help you think, become creative, and learn how to express your words through writing and not thieves as many turn out to be. Remember, any time you submit copied work, you are not only lying to your teacher but yourself.

Qualifications obtained from cheating are fraudulent and very unfair to society and employers. When a student gets a degree or a diploma earned through cheating, that means that the grandaunt is unqualified for the position and doesn't have the skills and knowledge required to do the job; according to a poll, 70% of the students admitted to having at one time during their college life, which may risk the business and the society as well, which may lead to the company making losses or the grandaunt engaging in immoral behaviors such as stealing. This is as a result of learning little during their schooling period.

Why plagiarism is considered incompatible with the academic integrity

Deception and fraud, when you submit a work that is copied from other sources, you deceive your lecturer and commit academic fraud. Policies in institutions are often clear what the punishments are when you violate the plagiarism policy rule. The consequences can be significant to the point of being dismissed from your classes. And therefore, it's up to you to understand the responsibility required of you to save your career goals.

Although it is acceptable to say that most pupils do cheat and take the credit of other people as their own, it is also true to say that most of these cases are accidental and can be avoided if the learners became more concise of their writing practices and citation practices.

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